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Skin Care & Color Cosmetics

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Skin Care and Color Cosmetics

Alfa Chemistry's industry experts apply their expertise to provide our customers with complex solutions in personal care and cosmetics that meet their exacting standards. We are proud that Alfa Chemistry has always upheld high standards of quality control and safety levels for our product lines. Alfa Chemistry offers a range of high-quality raw ingredients for your skin care and color cosmetic formulations.

Dry skin can lead to a host of skin problems. Humectants help the skin absorb moisture and prevent moisture loss from the skin. Effective moisturizer ingredients include, but are not limited to:

  • Maltodextrin
  • Glycerin
  • Sorbitol/Glycerin
  • Hydroxypropyl Bis-Hydroxyethyldimonium
  • Chloride
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sorbitol

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Sensory modulators are essential in the formulation of skin care and color cosmetics, and they are often used to adjust properties such as skin feel, film formation, and water resistance. Common sensory modifiers include:

  • Calcium Starch Octenylsuccinate
  • Methyl Diisopropyl Propionamide
  • Ethyl Menthane Carboxamide
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Tapioca Starch
  • Hydrated Silica Amorphous

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Although silicones can provide a non-greasy skin feel in cosmetic formulations, silicone-free skin care products are a new trend because silicones are not biodegradable and tend to accumulate on hair and skin. Typical silicone substitutes include:

  • Isoamyl Caprylate Caprate
  • Isoamyl Palmitate Stearate
  • Isoamyl Cocoate
  • Lauryl Laurate
  • Octyldodecyl Oleate
  • Polyhydroxystearic Acid

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The addition of surfactants or emulsifiers to cosmetic formulations helps other oily or waxy substances in the formulation to form a homogeneous mixture, dispersion or emulsion with water. Our cosmetic surfactant or emulsifier product line covers:

  • Steareth-20
  • PEG-40 Stearate
  • Ceteareth-20 F
  • Behenyl Alcohol
  • Polyglyceryl-3 Stearate
  • Sorbitan Laurate

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Ingredients such as emollients, oils and waxes are used in cosmetic formulations primarily to soften and smooth the skin, helping it retain and even absorb moisture. Typical products include:

  • Lanolin
  • Glyceryl Stearate
  • Cetyl Dimethicone
  • Beeswax
  • Euphorbia Cerifera Wax
  • Glyceryl Laurate
  • Polyhydroxistearic Acid

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Rheology modifiers are added to formulations to increase viscosity and control the performance and characteristics of the finished product in a desired manner. Rheology modifiers may be derived from natural polymers, synthetic polymers or inorganic materials such as:

  • Pectins
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Taurate Copolymer
  • Mineral Oil
  • Carbomers
  • Starch

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For functional skin care products or makeup formulations, some active ingredients have attracted widespread attention due to their special effects, such as anti-aging, anti-UV, anti-oxidation, etc. Some popular active ingredients include:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Azelaic Acid
  • Benzoyl Peroxide

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Alfa Chemistry also provides a series of commonly used cosmetic bases to help customers quickly develop innovative formula cosmetics.

  • Cleansing Gel Base
  • Cream Mask Base
  • Fruit Acid Cream Base
  • Herbal Cream Base
  • Natural Gel Base

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Skin conditioners are used to keep skin soft, supple and hydrated by preventing chafing, chapping and cracking. They are not only used to provide a hydrating base for cosmetic moisturizers and humectants, but they also provide a source of skin nutrition. Alfa Chemistry provides a series of skin conditioners including:

  • Silybin
  • Cedrol
  • Triolein
  • Zein

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