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Research & Development

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Alfa Chemistry has many years of experience in the research & development of innovative personal care industry. We are experienced in all facets of product research, the cosmetic formulation, cost reduction, replication of established formulas and various quality control standards. Our futuristic in-house laboratory and expert chemists provide us immense power to conduct research for hair care, skin care and body care products. At Alfa Chemistry, with talented chemists and state-of-the-art equipment, we can produce efficient formulations and help bring your products to market, matching the requirement of your target customers.

Formulation Potentials

Over the past several years, our cosmetic formulation experts have formulated a variety of natural skin care products for our customers and continuously develop evermore innovative formulas and textures. Instead of those synthesized chemicals, we use natural, green and healthy ingredients to meet your desired performance and your marketing goals, such as ficus carica fruit extract, crocus sativus flower extract, and hibiscus esculentus fruit extract, etc. Having gained rich experience and insight, our experts have an in-depth knowledge of the raw ingredients involved in each personal care product, and can develop any and all kinds of personal care products:

Formulation potentials

Cosmetic Testing Capabilities

Product testing is the last essential step before each launch, biologists, toxicologists, clinicians and other chemists will test and check the products’ compatibility, stability and effectiveness. At Alfa Chemistry, our mission is to provide safe and effective products to the customers and the final marketplace. Our state-of-the art facilities and strict testing standards enable us to provide the best services during the development and production stages, as well as the filling and packaging stages. Each formulation and batch of our products will be released only after complete quality testing, including microbiological control, chemical and physico-chemical test and stability studies, etc.

Here are a few essential tests on products, involving but not limited to:

  • Performance testing
  • Microbial testing
  • Appearance (aesthetics) testing
  • Stability testing
  • Packaging compatibility testing
  • Safety and toxicological testing
  • Preservative efficacy testing (PET)
  • Viscosity testing
  • Selective Heavy Metal testing

R&D Process in Alfa Chemistry

As a contract manufacturer, we are able to create your cosmetic formula according to your specifications and target marketplace. The customized formulation involves the modification of an existing formula or exclusive development of an innovative one. By coordinating with our talented R&D team to formulate your own products, you’ll become more competitive as you rapidly adapt to the latest trends, ingredients and technologies, customer needs, packaging options and changing regulations. Here are the steps that go into the research and development process with our company:

R&D Process in Alfa Chemistry

Why Choose Alfa Chemistry?

  • Quick turn-around times and favorable prices
  • Private label and customized manufacturing
  • Experienced research experts and outstanding graphic designer team
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing that prefers naturally active ingredients
  • Stick to finest quality standards during every steps
  • High-quality products in a variety of batch and order sizes
  • Strictly adheres to cGMP, ASTM, FDA and ISO regulations

At Alfa Chemistry, we are able to provide all essential research facilities and quality control process to complete your unique project needs. Our professional chemists and technicians will be always standing by to help you create innovative personal care formulas and products with the highest quality. For more detailed information on our cosmetic research and development service, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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