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Essential Oils & Fixed Oils

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Essential Oils & Fixed Oils

Essential oils are aromatic, volatile liquids that are usually distilled from the leaves, roots, bark, and other aromatic parts of plants and are named after the plants from which they are extracted. Essential oils can be defined as products or mixtures of aromatic substances or as mixtures of aromatic and odorless substances. These aromatic substances are chemically pure compounds that are volatile under normal conditions. They consist mainly of lipophilic and highly volatile secondary plant metabolites, mainly monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, but also other types of compounds.

Fixed oils are pressed from plants or fatty parts of plants, such as seeds, nuts or kernels. They are usually produced by either hot or cold press methods. For the hot press method, the plant parts are first roasted by heat treatment and then pressed. Cold pressed oils are likely to have more nutrients, but they may also have bacteria, mold spores, etc., which can lead to early spoilage and rancidity. Fixed oils are not as volatile as essential oils and are often referred to as carrier oils.

Alfa Chemistry can supply high-quality essential oils & fixed oils to cosmetic companies looking to create innovative skincare products. Essential oils & fixed oils we can supply include:

Applications of Essential Oils & Fixed Oils

  • Essential oils

Essential oils are widely used all over the world and their use is growing due to the strong demand for pure and natural ingredients in various fields. As a result, large quantities of essential oils are produced globally to fuel industries such as fragrances and flavors, cosmetics, phytomedicine and aromatherapy. In cosmetics, essential oils can be used as:

Essential Oils & Fixed Oils


Antimicrobial agents


Anti-inflammatory agents

Soothing agents

Skin-lightening agents

Anti-aging agents


  • Fixes oils

Essential Oils & Fixed Oils

Fixed oils, also known as “carrier oils,” are important components of aromatherapy massages or natural cosmetic products (e.g., bath oils, body oils, creams, lip balms, lotions, or other moisturizers). They can affect the effectiveness of the massage and the color, scent, therapeutic properties, and shelf-life of the final product, respectively. Fixed oils also protect against potential irritation, sensitization, redness or burning, which are caused by undiluted essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts.

As a leading provider of cosmetic raw materials, Alfa Chemistry can supply high-quality essential oils & fixed oils to cosmetic companies looking to create innovative skincare products. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your skincare goals.


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