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Stability Testing for Cosmetics

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What Is Cosmetic Stability Testing?

Stability Testing for Cosmetics

Cosmetic stability testing aims to evaluate the physical and chemical stability of cosmetic products across different conditions and over a prolonged period. The primary objective of this testing methodology is to enunciate that cosmetic products remain stable over their expected shelf life while ensuring that no significant changes occur in the chemical and physical properties of the product over time.

Alfa Chemistry provides comprehensive and systematic cosmetic stability testing services to support products meeting expected quality standards when stored under appropriate conditions. Our cosmetic stability testing services cover long-term and accelerated stability testing, photostability testing, shelf-life prediction, etc.

Our Stability Testing Services for Cosmetics

As a leading service provider in the cosmetics industry, Alfa Chemistry has its own cosmetics testing laboratory, a professional analysis team and advanced instruments and equipment. Alfa Chemistry can monitor and analyze multiple physical properties of cosmetic samples under controlled conditions, and provide customers with accurate and reliable test reports. Important testing parameters include appearance/color, odor, pH, fluidity/viscosity, etc. Our services include:

  • Long-Term and Accelerated Stability Testing

Long-term stability testing is to monitor and analyze various properties of cosmetic samples under expected storage conditions. Accelerated stability test is to monitor and analyze various properties of cosmetic samples under accelerated conditions. These accelerated conditions usually include temperature and humidity, among others.

The specific test methods include but are not limited to high temperature test (usually under the condition of 37-45°C), temperature cycle test (usually under the condition of -10 ~ 25°C cycle temperature).

  • Photostability Test

Light conditions, especially UV light conditions, may have an impact on cosmetic formulations or packaging. Light exposure may cause photosensitive ingredients to degrade faster, leading to reduced performance or even failure of cosmetics. Studies have shown that retinoids degrade faster under light-induced conditions than temperature-induced conditions.

  • Emulsion Stability Test

For products containing any kind of powder (such as liquid/emulsion/cream cosmetics), emulsion stability testing is very important. Under appropriate conditions, a sample can be effectively checked for signs of emulsification by centrifugation testing to assess its emulsion stability.

  • Packaging Stability Test

The packaging stability of cosmetics is also one of the important links in the stability test of cosmetics. The interaction between cosmetic ingredients and packaging, heat resistance, light resistance, and mechanical properties of cosmetic packaging are all important test indicators. The test methods involved include but are not limited to light test, mechanical impact test, leak test, etc.

  • Microbiological Stability Test

Microbial contamination may spoil cosmetic products or seriously reduce expected quality. We provide cosmetic microbial testing services, including qualitative analysis, semi-quantitative analysis and quantitative analysis.

Test Standards for Cosmetic Stability Testing

Alfa Chemistry follows all relevant test standards for cosmetic stability testing to ensure that our testing methods are accurate, reliable, and consistent.

  • ISO/TR 18811: This standard provides guidelines on the stability testing of cosmetic products.
  • ISO 11930: This standard specifies the general requirements and test methods for stability testing of cosmetic products.
  • Other testing standards that may be involved include CTFA Microbiology Guidelines, COLIPA Guidelines, ICH Q1A (R2) guidelines, USP<51>, USP<61>and<62>, etc.

Why Choose Alfa Chemistry?

Alfa Chemistry offers comprehensive cosmetic stability testing services to the cosmetic industry, using state-of-the-art analytical techniques and equipment. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable results, ensuring that our clients produce safe and high-quality cosmetic products.


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