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HA-Oligo Degraded by Hyaluronidase

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HA-Oligo Degraded by Hyaluronidase

General Information

  • Product Name: HA-Oligo Degraded by Hyaluronidase
  • CAS: 9067-32-7
  • Catalog: CI-HA-005
  • Applications: Transdermal absorption, deep moisturizing; Repairing damaged cells and scavenging free radicals; Anti-aging

HA-Oligo Degraded by Hyaluronidase is a novel hyaluronic acid (HA) produced with innovative technology. To be specific, it is produced by enzyme degradation technology with the molecular weight less than 10k Da, and the average molecule size is less than 25nm. It is with high safety and biological activity, and it can be absorbed through the skin into the epidermis and dermis, with remarkable effects such as deep moisturizing, repairing damaged cells, scavenging free radicals, improving skin elasticity, fading wrinkles, anti-aging, etc. It can be used in a variety of cosmetic products such as face masks, serums, sunscreens, eye creams, air cushion creams, sprays, and lyophilized powders, etc.

AppearanceWhite or almost white powder
INCI nameHydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate
Recommended dosage0.1-0.5%, works better with common HA
SolubilityGood solubility in water
FunctionsAnti-aging, repairing and moisturizing products
Molecular weight3k-10kDa
Assay of HA≥ 95%
Glucuronic acid≥ 46%
Transparency≥ 99%
Protein≤ 0.05%
Heavy metals≤ 20ppm
Loss on drying≤ 10.0%
Arsenic≤ 2ppm
Bacteria count≤ 100cfu/g
Intrinsic viscosity≤ 0.47dL/g
Escherichia coliNegative
Staphylococcus aureusNegative
Pseudomonas aeruginosaNegative
StorageLightproof, ordinary temperature, and sealed container
ValidityTwo years

As a leading provider of cosmetic raw materials, Alfa Chemistry can supply high-quality HA-oligo degraded by hyaluronidase solution to cosmetic companies looking to create innovative skincare products. For high quality products and more information, please feel free to contact us.

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