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Hair is an integrated system with unique chemical and physical behavior, and it is a complex structure consisting of several morphological components. The mammalian hair shaft is divided into three main regions: cuticle, cortex and medulla. Furthermore, hair is porous and damaged hair is intensely so. Absorption of moisture can lead to swelling of the hair shaft. Excessive or repeated chemical treatments, grooming habits, and environmental exposures can lead to changes in hair texture and if extreme can result in hair breakage. These changes can be seen under the microscope as "weathering" of the hair shaft and result in tangles and frizz. When hair undergoes extreme weathering and chemical treatment, cuticle scaling and cuticle cracking may occur. If the cuticle is removed, the exposed cortex and further cortical damage can lead to hair fiber breakage. The use of hair care products can repair hair cuticle damage, prevent breakage, and reduce friction and water absorption.

Scalp care is essential as it determines the health and condition of the hair and prevents scalp and hair disorders. Alfa Chemistry offers our customers a wide selection of hair care products. Click on the links below to learn more about our hair care products.


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