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Anti-aging Peptides

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Anti-wrinkle Peptides

Anti-aging Peptides

Skin aging is characterized by both intrinsic and extrinsic processes and is an inevitable process for the skin. For instance, our skin is affected by many factors: the sun, bad weather and bad habits. Intrinsically aging skin is characterized by laxity and some exaggerated expression lines.

Peptides are powerful tools for anti-aging. They are known to improve skin elasticity, strengthen the skin barrier, and reduce inflammation.

Beauty Peptides

Anti-aging Mechanisms

Anti-wrinkle Peptides

Skin ageing is a cumulative result of oxidative stress, predominantly caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS). The mechanism of anti-aging peptides can be attributed to complex reactions with inactive ROS. Specifically, these peptides scavenge free radicals, chelate proto-oxidized transition metals, reduce hydroperoxides, enzymatically eliminate specific oxidants, and alter the physical properties of the skin by isolating active substances.

In the current cosmetic and pharmaceutical market, anti-aging peptides are classified into four main categories, namely signal peptides, neurotransmitter-affecting peptides, carrier peptides, and antioxidant peptides. Details are shown below [1].

CategoriesAction of Peptides
Signal peptidesIncreases fibroblast production of collagen or decreases collagenase breakdown of existing collagen.
Neurotransmitter-affecting peptidesDecreases facial muscle contraction and thus reduces lines and wrinkles by raising the threshold for minimal muscle activity.
Carrier peptidesStabilizes and delivers essential trace elements necessary for wound healing and enzymatic processes.
Antioxidant peptidesDirectly reduces free radicals and ROS by their great antioxidant activities or enzymatic effects.

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